Travelling is awesome, and we should all go on vacation once in a while. Unfortunately, going on vacation is not as easy as it seems (especially in this corona pandemic “saga”). It requires a lot of planning and budgeting.
If you just need to get your family away from the whole hustle and bustle but don’t have the funds or the time to take a big family vacation, consider a staycation instead.

What Is Staycation?

Staycation is like a vacation where you stay at home or around your city. Staycations are favorable for many reasons. They are less cheap than travel vacations because you’re saving on transportation and hotel costs.  Plus, you have the convenience of your own bed, clothes, and comforts of your home. And you can spend more on activities and food since you’re saving.

Kids love any change in their routine that feels special, so instead of begrudging the fact that you can’t visit many tourist/vacation sites right now, use this time to make a lifelong family memory.

With a little planning and creativity, a staycation may be just what your family needs right now.  Family staycation is a wonderful idea as having time alone with your family is essential for a healthy relationship. As we’ve explained before in our previous post ‘essence of spending time together for couples’.


If you want to make your staycation feel like a true break from your everyday life, you’ll need to set a vacation budget.
The budget includes categories like:
 Groceries
 Eating out at restaurants (or ordering for food)
 Entertainment
 Supplies
 Gas
Think of all the activities that you planned to carry out and make sure you have everything you need to buy that’s in the budget so there are no surprises.

Just like on a regular vacation, you’ll have to clear your schedule so you can truly spend quality time with your family. In case you still need to work from home during your staycation, designate a time and place each day so that the rest of the family knows what to expect.
If possible, take a few days off from work, make sure you’re prepared. Use an out of office response on your email, contact relevant people to let them know you’ll not be available, and tie up any loose ends.
Give your house a thorough cleaning before the staycation so you’re not tempted to do any chores other than the essentials; like dishes, regular house cleaning (sweeping, mopping, etc.).

Vacation with kids runs more smoothly when there’s a plan. And the same applies to staycations.
Create an itinerary for the entire staycation. Have a schedule for each day. You can be as flexible as you want with the schedule, but it helps everyone know what to expect.

Get your kids to help you create a staycation bucket list. Make a colorful document, print it out, and hang it somewhere noticeable like the fridge. Kids love checking items off a list, and this will be a chance for everyone to give their opinion about what they would like to do on your family staycation.

When you travel as a family, you always feel more adventurous and more open to trying new things. Bring that same spirit of adventure to your home vacation. Say yes as often as you can. Laugh more, be patient, create memories, and take lots of pictures. If you want your kids to truly feel like this was a break from your everyday life, then your attitude will set the tone!

Staycation Ideas For Your Family

1. Cook a fancy meal together.
2. Have a movie night.
3. Backyard camping.
4. Exercise together.
5. Redecorate your home.
6. Have a family game night.
7. Eat out (restaurants) or order in.
8. Let the kids stay up past their bedtime.
9. Get dressed up and snap pictures together.
10. Take a road trip (be a tourist in your own town).

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