Tis the season to be jolly and generous!

Part of the ethos of Christmas and End of Year Festivities is gift giving. Think Santa Claus, St Nicholas and Father Christmas.

We all will like to receive a little something for Christmas.

Today’s we made a small list of things that you can gift a special person in your life. Gift possibilities are endless, so this list is by no means exhaustive. If you expected to see a house on Banana Island or Maitama or even a brand new Tesla, I am sorry to disappoint you. In fact, with such brilliant ideas you barely need any help getting gifts. But we are not judging. All gifts are welcome in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing is too big to gift a loved one and usually, it’s the thought that counts. Of course, heartfelt gifts will suffice at times like this. Trust me, boxers and singlet do not feature on this list although it’s not a bad add-on to your gift set contrary to the complaints from disgruntled recipients.

If you happen to stumble upon this list after an arduous office or friend group Secret Santa where you had no clue what to get the person you picked, I am very sorry. I can assure you that my list will still be good for the end of the coming year, so consider it as help in advance.

As with many things, a few caveats are crucial when giving gifts, quality over quantity is the watchword and please only gift what you can afford to give. It is important to cheerfully give with the gift recipients best interest at heart. A bitter and unappreciative gift recipient is a horrible experience to have although it happens a lot. In addition, we all wish that the gift recipient will reciprocate the gesture but please understand if they genuinely cannot give a gift considering all that they had been through in the past year. Kindly note if the gift recipient is not matching your energy both in attitude and quality gift exchange and be accordingly guided because like most things in life, there will be a next time. Whatever is the outcome, it is painful to receive subpar gifts and so don’t be the person who gives a subpar gift. Please, fighting is not encouraged no matter how much your feelings get hurt. Emphasis on jolly season.

Swiftly moving to our list…


No 10: Vacation/Staycation

Depending on your income, a vacation or staycation is a great gift that can even be beneficial to the gift giver depending on the relationship. A lot of travel happens at the end of the year so the options are limitless as to where a person can go. National or international or even a hotel or short let stay, this gift option needs no introduction and it is perfect for people who enjoy traveling or just want to take a break away from their regular environment. It can get expensive so it may not be an option for everyone but it’s a worthy contender on the list.

No 9: Electronic Gadgets

To the kid in us all, that never stopped loving new toys and gizmos; this is definitely the season for you! Usually, everything goes on sale this period and Nigeria is no exception. After a robust Black Friday sales period on various commercial platforms, a good majority of brands host end of the year sales featuring great deals that will help you clinch whatever device or contraption you heart desires. There are a wide range of gift options in this category  from phones, tablets, laptops and other tech gadgets to home appliances such as fridges and vacuum cleaners and other apparatuses that make our work easier and faster. A well-deserved spot on the List and a sure-fire gift item.

No 8: Accessories

Understated or statement piece jewelleries, shoes and bags, cookware, family heirlooms passed from generation to generation, the possibilities are endless! We all know a Nigerian vendor or personal shopper that stocks the goods and our Instagram feeds are awash with the latest deals. In this category as well is skincare, you can always gift a loved one their favourite brand of skincare. One of the most budget friendly contenders on this list, there’s no limit to what you can get for people nearest and dearest to you.

No 7: Clothes

We all had holiday periods where we received new clothes at the end of the year and if you kept the Christmas Clothes tradition alive till this point of your adulthood, we commend your laudable efforts. The fact of the matter is that clothes make a really great gift to people and it must not be brand new! Boutiques and thrift stores popularly known as okrika or bend-down-select, from whichever market close to you, offers choice selections. We all know where to get them. You can also buy Nigerian as many a fashion creative have taken their business online so good quality clothes are easily accessible. In addition, hand-me-downs to your family members are also acceptable gifts this season

No 6: Perfumes

Perfume is truly in a league of its own and the preferred gift option for quite a few people. Everybody likes perfumes so this particular item on the list needs no introduction. There are so many options on what to get people here, from perfume sprays to cologne; perfume oils to perfume solids, the options are endless. While the price points of perfumes vary in brand and quality, some people are more particular than others about their perfume so it wouldn’t be advisable to pick this gift option for those people if you can’t afford to invest in a great perfume. For the most part, this gift option is pretty easy to obtain and can be affordable depending on the time, vendor or quality.

No 5: Money:

Bills are the bane of adulthood and everybody appreciates attempts at offsetting them. You can opt to help out with subscriptions ranging from data and Netflix to gym and club membership, the choice is yours. We can all agree that the importance of any financial aid in these trying times cannot be over looked. This is your opportunity to help out friends and be charitable to those in need. It is also your opportunity to attain Rich Uncle and Rich Aunty status by giving away money to the kids in your life. Also, some people just straight up want the money not gifts and there is nothing wrong with that. Easier for all the parties involved, if you ask me.

No 4: Tickets & Experiences:

If you like experiencing Nigeria, it’s no news that our creative arts scene is the stuff of legends and few people work harder than Nigerian show organizers. Whatever you are into, art, comedy, music, parties etc. something is going on in a city near you that you can attend and have fun. For people who like to socialize and be out and about, this is the perfect opportunity to buy them ticket to see their favourite comic, movie or art show. Like other items on this list, this gift option can be brought to scale with a little creativity no matter the budget.

No 3: Books:

Now, hear me out. If the last time you read a book was over a year ago, please help yourself out and gift this one to yourself. The most underrated contender on this list, books are a great gift to give someone especially if they are always reading or they love to read. Nigerian authors stock a wide array of really great reads so this is your cue to get a few books if you have none yet and better still, give some to a friend. Tis the season! Don’t limit yourself to a particular genre because there are various options to choose from. Let’s face it, we all know a good bookshop in town or a guy at a street corner somewhere who stocks a wide array of books offered at a giveaway price. There is something for everyone.

No 2: Food: 

A box of chocolate, wine, dinner at their favourite restaurant, snacks from their favourite place or even hiring a private chef, you cannot go wrong with food and drink. Whether it be dinner or hampers, food is always a good idea. Personally, it’s a great idea considering the amount of time and effort that is spent on planning and preparation of food during festive periods. Any addition is always welcome. You can always pick up a nice bottle of wine or a hamper for your boss, banana bread from your co-worker’s favourite place, a platter for the small chops aficionado in your life, the list goes on and on.

No 1: Whatever The Person Is Passionate About

There’s a reason we choose this as number one. It is so tempting to get caught up in our idea of what to gift a person, if it is our desire to gift a person actual things that they can utilize we need to take into consideration that the person may want something entirely different from what we have in mind or is simply not interested in a particular gift option. If the gift recipient’s wants and needs aren’t in consideration, it helps to gift a person something that they can at least enjoy. Some people would just want any gift so this is not a big deal but it doesn’t hurt to be a little considerate of who you wish to gift this season. Gifts towards a person’s interest and endeavour will be more appreciated than gifts that they have no interest or need for. Still, some gift is better than no gift at all so don’t be deterred.

And there you have it, an acceptable holiday gift guide. Although times are hard, please try to extend your generosity to the less privileged around you this season. As always, we are curious to hear about your Nigerian Experiences. Did you receive gifts growing up? Do you still receive gifts from friends and loved ones? Please leave your gift experiences and suggestions in the comment section and keep the conversation going on our social media platforms. Have a wonderful festive season from all of us here at Experiencing Naija!

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