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safety tips for road trips

Of course, we know as Nigerians, we love to travel, be it outside or within the country. Sadly, these days, travelling by road, is no longer as supple as climbing into a vehicle and zooming off. You need to consider certain things, like security and the ideal places to go. There are challenges unique to travelling on Nigerian roads. Do you want to travel around Nigeria for tourism, celebrations and holidays, but you’re scared of the road hazards and other eventualities? Follow the steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Make adequate preparation for the road trip

Before you travel, it’s important to possess everything ready for the trip. Obviously, what you wish to require along in your road trip will rely on your personal needs, and maybe the length of the space you’re travelling.

Ordinarily, having food, snacks, beverages, and water is crucial for any road trip. Additionally, it’s always best to confirm the following:

  1. Service your vehicle for the road trip

If you intend to use a rented vehicle, get a reliable one, preferably, a full or small-size SUV.

If you propose to use your personal vehicle for your road trip in Nigeria, it should be properly serviced and in a very good condition that may withstand the challenges of Nigerian roads.

It’s helpful to own a car that may not breakdown within the middle of your travel. ensure you have got good tires, functioning wiper blades, properly serviced engine, and a decent set of breaks.

  1. Get a spare tire and other essentials

Even with the simplest of tires, it’s still important to have a spare tire, especially when undertaking a road trip in pothole littered roads as you will find in Nigeria.

In fact, because it is in most countries, it’s a road safety regulation in Nigeria that you simply have a good spare tire when travelling on any Nigerian road.

The other belongings you are required to own in your car while travelling in Nigeria include a functioning extinguisher, triangle cones for emergencies, and tending safety kit.

  1. Driving documents

You must have your driving documents when travelling in Nigerian roads. Your travelling documents include your valid driver’s license, vehicle ownership, likewise the vehicle registration. According to the Federal Road Safety Commission, visitors to Nigeria could also be ready to use their foreign driver’s license for a period of ninety days. Foreigners with valid international driver’s license are allowed to drive in Nigeria for a period of 1 year. You are, however, expected to use for a driver’s license if you would like to continue driving within the country beyond that point frame. Check out the FRSC website for more information on driving rules and requirements within the country.

Other belongings you might want to contemplate are:

  • You might want to travel with an individual, a companion, who would facilitate your reduced boredom and keep you awake and lively.
  • A good smartphone with music, movies and games is additionally good, within the case where there’s no companion.
  • Your phone as a communication tool is crucial for the journey, just in case of emergencies. You want to make sure that the charging port within the vehicle is functioning properly, so you do not run out of battery power.
  • Dress well. Humans are totally different from one another. Some can take the fresh air from the windows or the AC without repercussions, while others cannot stand an excessive amount of fresh air without falling sick. It’s essential you’re up to the task by making up for the journey with clothes that suit the weather condition.
  • In a seemingly cashless economy, which Nigeria is striving towards, it is advisable to own cash at hand. You may likewise come with your automated teller machine (ATM) card so that you can get some cash on your way when it’s needed.
  • The accommodation should be put in place to rest your head after the day’s fun.
  • Taking along an honest camera with powerful battery life, and long-range lens to capture pictures and videos is worthwhile since you’re going for sightseeing and can need plenty to indicate and remember. In fact, a good phone can double as a camera too.

While you’re on the journey proper, please take the time to check out for these:

  • Potholes and roadblocks are present in some spots on the roads, you need to look out in order for your tires to carry you through, and your car doesn’t somersault. This may be as a result of over-speeding into the heavy potholes or logs of wood placed on the roads by security agents doing spot checks or touts requesting money while pretending to mend the roads.
  • Also, be watchful of one-way drivers. One-way drivers are drivers who in their bid to flee the traffic on the road leave their lanes to face oncoming vehicles on the opposite lane. If a driver in Nigeria isn’t careful, he could also be involved in a collision which could lead on to death or severe injuries.
  • If you’re planning to help hitchhikers, be cautious of those you provide a lift. Some appear as if they need help to get to a specific destination, but once they enter your car; they put a gun to your head and force you to do their bidding. “Shine your eyes well” so as to not fall a victim.
  • You shouldn’t travel within the dark, or be extravagant in appearance because it’s an ideal way for robbers to identify and track you.
  • You also have to put a password on important things like your account details on your phone, or laptop, just in case it’s stolen by miscreants.

Few of the most attractive places you can visit in Nigeria are:

  1. Bogobiri, located in Ikoyi, which comes alive mainly at nights, especially on Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. The Freedom Park, downtown Lagos, where strategic monumental figures are.
  3. The Ikeja Shopping mall, a one-stop location for what you need.
  4. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lekki, which has well-furnished chalets where guests can lodge, with an edge of the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. The National Theatre, which has architectural grandeur.
  6. Gashaki-Gumpti National Park
  7. Oguta Lakes in Imo state
  8. Obudu cattle ranch in Cross river
  9. The Ancient Nok Settlement, Kaduna
  10. Millennium Park
  11. Ogbunike Caves, Enugu State
  12. Osun-Osogbo Grove
  13. Tinapa Free Zone & Resort
  14. Alok Ikom Monoliths, Cross River

P.S. Download our free travel planner to help you start planning for your next trip here. Do have a nice trip!

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