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Fun things to do in Abuja | Kayaking at the National Stadium

Kayaking is an amazing way to enjoy nature, get some exercise, socialize and get so much needed piece of quite. Kayaking is a water sport which involves paddling with a double bladed oar and small boat which is referred to as kayak. The boats are usually of several shapes, sizes and types depending on their usage. Most boats used can only accommodate one person at a time except some that can accommodate two or three people.Kayaking at Kayak Abuja

Kayaking is a very interesting sport and a way of relaxation done using several bodies of water like rivers, lakes, oceans, etc. Among several locations in Nigeria where you can carry out this interesting and beginner friendly sport is Kayak Abuja, located at  Kukwaba Lake, Chartered Farms, Package B, National Stadium Sports Grounds, Abuja. Or if you find it difficult to locate the place, you can use thus Google map as a guide.Kayak Abuja


So, why should you try kayaking?


Apart from the interesting part of socializing and enjoying the nature. It is basically a great sport that helps the body in a number of ways which include:

  1. Kayaking helps flatten one’s tummy. If done regularly, it is a kind of sport that engages a lot of core strength and movement. Paddling on both sides means twisting and this help muscles which most times are overlooked.
  2. Burning of calories. According to some stats gathered through several sources (including selfhelp), it has been proven that kayaking helps in burning calories and can burn 400 to 500 calories within an hour of kayaking.
  3. It is flexible. Ranging from the bodies of water used down to several activities that can be done, kayaking allows for sport, relaxation, fishing, leisure paddling, marathon racing or even water polo. And these can be carried out on several bodies of water like rivers, lakes, oceans and pools.
  4. It offers adventure. The essence of an adventure is to have a sense of self exploration and this is just what kayaking does well. It helps discover yourself the more.
  5. Stress relieve is another important aspect that cannot be neglected. As humans we are mostly consumed by our daily activities and kayaking is one of those ways in which we can stay in tune with what our planet earth has to offer and enjoy the beautiful moments of socializing with other people or enjoying the peace of mind that accompanies the activity.

Kayak abuja

Kayaking at Kayak Abuja can be a very fun experience for you and your friends. On weekdays, the entry fee into Kayak Abuja is N1000 while during the weekends, it’s N2000.

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