Ikogosi Folklore: The Story of the Two Wives That Formed Ikogosi, True or Not?

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Ikogosi Folklore; The Story of the Two Wives, True or Not

As a child, I was told a story, the story of a god who had two wives. One was quite hot-tempered and the other was the total opposite of the other. It was then rumoured all over the kingdom that the god was more in love with his cool-tempered wife because she was more caring, a better cook, and above all, he loved her food and behaviour entirely.



The Lie and the “Solution”

When the hot-tempered wife heard this, she approached the second wife to ask what exactly it was that made her food better than hers. Out of sarcasm, it is presumed that the cold tempered wife answered and said she used her ear, the hot-tempered disbelieved because the god was also forbidden to eat human flesh. But according to the story, the cold tempered wife was able to convince her that the secret ingredient was her ear, and when asked about how the ear was still in place, she said that because their husband enjoyed the food, her ear grew back. Believing the cold tempered wife, the hot-tempered wife decided to chop off her ear and used it to prepare a “delicious meal” for her husband.


Serving with her best plates and a broad smile on her face,  waiting for her husband’s praise. When he tasted the obviously strange meat and asked what type it was, she told him it was her ear and he immediately flared up. As she saw how angry her husband was, she informed him that it was the cold tempered wife, fast! As a punishment, he turned both wives into rivers, but because the hot-tempered wife was angry at been misled and the cold tempered wife was angry at been supposedly sold out, they refused to mix and to date, they haven’t mixed.


True or Not?

That was a story I was told when I was nine years old, so is it true or not?



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