Ikogosi warm spring

Why Should Ikogosi Warm Spring Be Neglected?


Ikogosi; Neglected

To say Ikogosi has been neglected is not an understatement. The development of a place that is not only a geographical landmark, but a tourist attraction (190,000 visitors in 2 years) with a mysterious background story and cultural significance is not meant to be fought for to be developed.


Ikogosi is a place that has been visited by a number of people that is higher than its population (projected population was put at 3,594 persons). Even if the tourists come to see the rural and the natural setting, it certainly does not mean the government should totally abandon it.

The people of Ikogosi complain because it’s a thing of major concern, ranging from the mythical beliefs of its healing powers to the beautiful aesthetics of this amazing tourist attraction. for them, they want everyone to come to their small town to see this wonder but due to its underdevelopment, the number of tourists that they expect is not exactly what they are getting. The roughness of the road leading to this beautiful place has discouraged quite a number of prospective tourist, they changed their minds and went for other locations, regretting it none the less, and sometimes even having to just sit home doing nothing because the road leading to the place they will love to be is nothing to write home about.

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