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This Is The Only Way To Make This Christmas Memorable!

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

What do you love about Christmas? The “jingle bell, jingle bell” song or the opportunity it avails to retire for a brief period from work and enjoy the awesome relationships around you. All these are worth experiencing, but in order to take this refreshing moment to another level or to spice up the vibes of this detty December, this post is for you. Let’s start with where you intend to visit.
Wondering where to visit this Christmas? Whether you are a tourist or not, there are many awesome and cheap tourist destinations in Nigeria to go to, you’ll have it in a boatload in this post.
Nigeria has many natural landmarks, exotic beaches, lush mountains, well-preserved traditions, cultures, and captivating tourist attractions. All around the world, there are tourist attractions that people love to go to on a regular basis and Nigeria has a bunch of them.
Starting from the fascinating Agro-tourist site, Almat Farms in Abuja to the animal kingdom, Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi State, there are lots of tourist attractions in Nigeria that tell a lot about Nigeria’s history and diverse culture. Some of these tourist attractions are destinations where nature is at its best and a trip to any of these destinations would only leave you with lasting memories. These popular attractions are located in various states in the country and they all culminate to make tourism in Nigeria special.

Some of the best tourist destinations that will make this Xmas a special one include:

Almat Farms
Almat farm is a corporate and leisure getaway destination that allows you time away from all the hassles of everyday grind to relax, sit back, and refresh. Almat farm is set in the beautiful countryside of Kuje, in Abuja. Almat farm has successfully reinvented a system of innovative farming in Nigeria with the aim of enhancing the agricultural value chain. Almat Farm sits on over 40 acres of beautiful landscape. What you’ll find on the farm is a beautiful view of delight with sports and activities like, polo, volleyball, football, tennis, hiking, snooker, picnics, camping, horse riding, quad bike riding are some of the many activities that will keep you engaged and refreshed. The farm has also reserved a private view for visitors to see their collection of the petting zoo. They have an exquisite restaurant with continental cuisines and assorted drinks in their bar. During sunset they have barbecues and tours around the farm getting their visitors acquainted with Almat Farms and the vision behind it. Almat Farms focusses on Agriculture, Hospitality, Equestrian, and Recreation – All packed together! Almat farms is not just a destination, it is an experience!Almat Farms, Abuja, Nigeria

Arinta Falls
Arinta… ‘’ever flowing, ever wet’’, the fixation of Ipole people. Arinta waterfalls is located in Ipole-lloro, Ekiti State, 6km northwest of Ikogosi. It is a popular tourist attraction that draws both locals and foreigners to the state. This resort is naturally endowed with natural thick forest vegetation, an interrupted flow of water from the rocky hills that forms a flowing pool of spring water, and an aerial view of Ipole –lloro. It has three pronounced escarpments.
The sheer slopes of the overawing ridge, view of a beautiful valley trapped between two bridges meet the eyes. This resort has seven different attractions of which one is called the wonderful stone. It is said that no one on earth has been able to lift the stone till date. It’s a great place for relaxation, swimming, and a picnic.


Arinta Waterfalls

Cross River National Park
This is one of the few places that people don’t know about. Cross River National Park is a national park of Nigeria, located in Boki LGA, Cross River State. Cross River National Park is an integral part of the Cross River State rainforest conservation area. The national park is an important biotic reserve that is among one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. It is also among one of the 25 United Nations acclaimed biodiversity hot spots in the world.
The park is home to many species of plants and animals which, include gorillas, chimpanzees, red foxes, drill monkeys, baboons, leopards, buffaloes, and elephants are also found there. It also houses a rich collection of flora and fauna.
This park is an ideal and beautiful place for you to disconnect from the stress of life.Cross river national park

Gurara Waterfalls
Gurara Waterfalls located in Gurara LGA of Niger State. A beauty locked out 3hrs away from FCT. Fishing, hiking, picnic, and sightseeing in a really calm environment. The fall is well managed, and there are different areas of the waterfalls. The observatory point, the sandy shore part where you can have picnics and barbecues, the swimming area where you can take dips, the rocky front at the waterfall base where you can sunbath, (if u want to). Absolutely a must-see!Gurara Waterfalls

Ibeno Beach
Ibeno beach is located in Ibeno, a local government area of Akwa Ibom State. The ‘Ibeno Beach’ was coined from its location, Ibeno. Ibeno beach is a mind-blowing beach that stretches over 45km from Ibeno to James Town along the Atlantic coastline of Akwa Ibom. It is said to be the longest sand beach in West Africa.
With its beautiful coastline, Ibeno beach provides endless natural facilities for tourism, water sports, beach soccer, and general boating.
The endless white sand dunes extending as far as the eyes can see along the Atlantic are unaltered by the waves that pour violently on the seashore.
The fascinating array of trees lined along the beach provides good shelter from the burning rays of the sun for visitors looking for shades after sunbathing or taking strolls around the place.
The beach provides a galore view of the Gulf of Guinea over which the scattered gas flickers from ExxonMobil offshore oil platforms creating an amusing image of flaming tongues of fire on the sea. It is a tourist attraction for families and fun lovers.Ibeno-Beach, Akwa Ibom

Mambilla Plateau
Located in Gembu, Sardauna LGA, Taraba. Mambilla is the highest plateau in Nigeria, it stands at a height of about 1524m above sea level. It is considered the coldest place in Nigeria and it has grown to become a tourist attraction. This landscape is free of insects and houses the Chappal Waddi Mountain, which stands at a height of 2419m and considered to be the highest point in Nigeria.
This landscape has a very fertile land. Hence, crops like banana, pineapple, plantain, yam, cassava, potatoes are produced in large quantity. The plateau has an abundance of grassy hills, tea plantations, and cattle ranches. Another feature of this plateau is its power station. The Mambilla power station, which is one of the major dam projects developed in Africa. The environment is so cool and tranquil that when you visit, you may be tempted to stay longer than you bargained.Mambilla-Plateau-Taraba-State-Nigeria (4)-min

Ngwo Pine Forest
Ngwo pine forest is a stunning gift of nature to the Ngwo community in Enugu state, the forest cave and waterfall are some of the major tourist sites in Enugu. The forest gained tourist recognition because of the beautiful display of pine trees and the awesome cover it provides makes it a perfect getaway destination. The forest hosts a massive limestone cave with small waterfalls that creates a shadow pool at the bed of the cave.Ngwo-Enugu-1080x480

Obudu Mountain Resort
Obudu Mountain Resort, formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria. It has capitalized on providing guests with the best viewpoints and fresh stimulating mountain air. Its situated on the Obudu Plateau, a short walk gives you a grand view of the whole environment with fresh mountain air. This resort has grown to be a major destination choice for tourists.Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach
The beach is one of Port Harcourt’s oldest attraction sites, along the Kolabi Creek line. This man-made beach serves as a place for relaxation. A place to experience the sweet feeling of watching the waves, the water that helps soothe the joints, the rising and falling of tides. There are so many reasons why you should visit the beach. One reason being its location which is on the edge of the city, such that visitors can take a walk through the hiking trails. The creators of the beach created a peaceful environment for tourists. A visit to the Tourist Beach will definitely avail you the opportunity to enjoy the white sands and waves.Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Yankari Games Reserve
Yankari Games Reserve is a broad wildlife park located within the south-central part of Bauchi State. This is the foremost developed animal reserve and park in Nigeria. It houses various natural and warm springs. The actual fact that it’s located in the West African Savanna makes it a choice destination for tourists and holidaymakers to see wildlife in their natural habitat. This park has largely been touted to possess the most important collection of animals, especially elephants, in Nigeria.
It presently has 50 different species of animals, about 550 elephants, and 59 caves. Couples can take a swim within the crystal-clear water. The Yankari Games Reserve offers mainly Nigerian dishes, features a museum, a bar, and souvenir shops.
Ever been to any of these destinations? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.Zebra at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi




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