Holistay in Nigeria? Staycation Tips To Making Your Christmas Worthwhile

Lakowe Lakes home 3

Are Holistays the New Vacations? Holistays mean any vacation that does not involve traveling overseas but exploring tourist attractions or a resort in your city/country. Holistays are such a great way to explore your city/country without the trouble of trying to save for an expensive trip out of town.

Holistays are becoming very popular as they are easy to plan, budget-friendly, create a new experience, and also make your regular day in your country different.
Holistays are also a great way to get away from everyday work hassles. It could also be a perfect opportunity to get away from home stress (spouse or kids).
Primarily, the most important part of Holistay is actually spending a few nights out of your own home. Exploring is secondary.
Are you wondering where you can find Holistays location in Nigeria? Here are some top picks for you…

1. Porto Golf Resort
Going to Kano? Porto Golf Resort is a spectacular luxurious hotel located in Kano. This is the ideal place to stay. From kayaking to horse riding, there’s a lot to do. It is definitely an oasis in the north and frankly even if you don’t take part in any activities on the property, staying in your room is good enough and you’ll feel absolutely refreshed coming out of your room.Porto-Golf-Resort-Kano

2. Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
Previously known as Le Meridien Golf Resort, Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort is commonly referred to as the pride of Uyo, it is the largest Golf Resort in Nigeria. This magnificent Resort/Hotel connotes peace and serenity complemented by its original atmosphere. Even expatriates have been known to come far and wide to experience the unique hospitality they have to offer. You don’t have to leave the resort to go exploring, there’s a lot to unravel while you’re there.Le-Meridien-Ibom-Hotel-Golf

3. Casa Nomads
Casa Nomads is a sophisticated and exquisite furnished space designed to spark creativity in Lekki, Lagos. Standing out from the multiple air bnbs in Lagos, it is exclusively and tastefully decorated with sprinklings of artsy vibes. It has a fragment of Africa in it so you remember exactly where you are. Casa Nomads is the perfect getaway spot for you.Casa Nomads

4. Hi-Impact Planet
Sounds strange? It shouldn’t. Hi-Impact planet is a world-class amusement park with thrilling outdoor rides and exciting indoor games positioned for you to have a fun-filled experience. People go to Disneyland and stay over so don’t miss a minute of the magic. It is a great way to spend an holistay with the family.Hi impact

5. Abraka Turf
Abraka Turf is such a delight, located in the exoctic region of Delta State. This luxurious resort sits on over a hundred acres of lush green land, surrounded by the aura of refreshing gardens, horses, exoctic birds and a scenic walkway to the deep river of Ethiope. Did you know the river of Ethiope is Africa’s deepest in land waterway? This country club is the perfect spot to escape the excessive hassles of city life and enjoy spectacular nature beauty in a secluded and serene environment.

6. Lakowe Lakes
This Golf Resort is the perfect escape to exclusive lifestyle. Located in Ibeju Lekki environs. Lakowe Resort is a ravishing, luxury community with 308 arces of stuning lakes, lush palm groves, sports facilities, spa & hospitabilty resort, 1-2-bedroom lofts/cottages and an 18-hole championship golf course. All you need is to get there and enjoy everything the facilities have to offer.Lakowe Lakes home 3
And that’s it guys. The next time you’re thinking of where to go in Nigeria, try these places out!
Importantly what are your thoughts on holistays? Are there here to stay or just a trend?


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