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Ode-Ija and The Ide Festivals of Idanre Town

Idanre Hills

In Idanre town, is a place called ODE-IJA which is the marketplace. In ode-ija, there are four places you really need to take note of because of their cultural significance. The first is the customary court, where all the matters arising are solved and if a matter can’t be solved by the OBA (king), matters are taken there. The second is the prison; the prison and the court were both built in the year 1906.  The third is the mausoleum, where final burial rights are performed for the dead king, those rights are believed to aid the safe crossing of the great dead king into the land of his ancestors where he will live out his eternity if those rights are performed accordingly. And the fourth most significant place in ode-ija is the open spot, set aside for the IDE FESTIVAL which takes place yearly. During this festival, the crown that was secured by the Oloofin from Ile-Ife, which is believed to be Oduduwa’s crown, is worn by the king as he stands on this particular spot and he then says a prayer for the people of Idanre and the entire Yoruba clan as a whole. The crown is shell like and adjusts to fit the head that wears it.

Idanre Hills
Idanre Hills

The ide festival can be attended by anyone, but not everyone can dance the ide dance, it is only mastered by the indigenes of Idanre. The festival is said to be an amazing one and one would love to attend, it lasts all night with different sort of indigenous dishes been served and drinks like palm wine going around, people drinking, eating, dancing and having a great time.

It started as a tradition where the king comes to bless his people while wearing the crown believed to have been worn by Oduduwa, but then after 1970, it became an avenue for the good people to bond with the new refugees.


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