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The truths about Nigerian Art: What makes Nigerian artworks special around the globe?

Nigerian art is an “ancient art” that has continued to evolve through time. It has been able to successfully blend its ancient history with contemporary artistic trends, making it quite popular among art enthusiasts. However, despite Nigeria’s growing popularity as an established tourist destination, there are questions about the portrayal of any Nigerian art exhibitions in the world view.

Over the years, we have gotten used to hearing about the amazing works of arts created by Nigerian artists. In FESTAC 77, even official Nigerian delegates could not part with their “Nigerian art” as they were shipped all the way to Lagos from where they were picked from. The fact that Nigerian art is well known globally is a feat in itself as Nigeria is a developing country with lots of challenges.

Although Nigeria has a rich culture, what exactly makes Nigerian art attractive to people all over the world? There are a number of works created by our local artists that remain in the international art market, one of the example of these are the works of Ladi Kwali, the master potter. So, what makes Nigerian artworks attractive to buyers across the globe?

Let’s take a look at the top factors that contribute to the value of Nigerian art.

Abuja, being the capital of Nigeria has a couple of these creative art centres that are worth exploring. The creativity or the story behind each artwork alone will definitely blow your mind. So, where in Abuja, can you have these educational art tours? Let’s me show you some of the top picks.

  1. Asahbara (@asah_bara)

Artistry is a gift that keeps on giving. I think this is the reason Asahbara keeps giving their uncommon breed of creativity to the world through their handcrafted artworks. Located within the Maitama Amusement Park, Asahbara pride themselves on genuine and authentic, handcrafted African artworks.

In an interview with the boss, Zoza Icha, She demystifies the meaning of Asahbara being a combination of two old Hebrew words which signifies the creative power of God and man. And also stated that Asahbara started from the intention to immortalize fabrics.

There are varieties of artworks in the centre like the talking mugs such as No Wahala, Suru Lere, The Gele Girls, Longer Throat cups and soup bowls, and lots more. With all pieces of the artworks embedded with the Nigerian Flag. It is a way of saying there is good in Nigeria; there is smart, quality, and genius in Nigeria.

  1. Nike Art Gallery (@nikeartgallery)

Scattered around several locations in Nigeria (Specifically in Lagos, Abuja, Oshogbo and Ogidi Ijumu), Nike Arts Gallery has won for itself a name known all over the world. With the knowledge of the master potter, Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye. Nike Art Gallery is arguably the largest art centre of its kind in West Africa. It boasts a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists like Chief Josephine Oboh Macleod.

Nike art gallery is popularly known as a centre for art and culture. Nike found out that the traditional methods of weaving and dying that had been her original inspiration were fading in Nigeria. She used her international success to launch a cultural revival, building art centers where young Nigerians can master traditional arts and crafts. You can now visit the world of the Yoruba, to explore a culture that has flourished in Western Nigeria for well over 1000 years.

Whether you are a specialist in the arts, an enthusiast of African arts or merely interested in a brief immersion in a new culture, Nike offers the opportunity to see Nigeria with fresh eyes.

  1. Thought Pyramid (@thoughtpyramidabuja & thoughtpyramidlagos)

Located in the heart of Abuja (Wuse II), and Lagos (Ikoyi ) as a space to enable new ideas to be incubated and nurtured; where there are no boundaries between art, craft, design, and thought; and where thinkers will meet to dialogue on new directions for African art. Thought Pyramid has been in existence since 2008.

One of the cornerstones of Thought Pyramid’s ethos is to promote understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of art and its values in an accessible, contemporary and unpretentious environment. This centre has been visited by delegates and diplomats from all around the world including a visit from the past president of Germany Joachim Gauck, Duchess of Cornwall, HRH Camilla, and a host of others.

The mission of The Thought Pyramid Art Centre is to collect, conserve, and study modern and contemporary art of Africa, and the African Diaspora, So as to advance creativity, artistic excellence and innovation for the benefit of humanity and our environments.






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