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The New Beauty Spot for Tourism in Abuja: Mpape Crushed Rock

Nigeria has an abundance of tourist sites with stunning natural beauty. These sites are scattered among different states in the country with Federal Capital Territory being the hub for some of these outstanding tourist sites which include but not limited to Zuma Rock, Millennium Park, Abuja National Mosque, Jabi Lake, National Children Park and Zoo, Almat Farms, Nike Art Gallery, Usman Dam and lots more.

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Crushed Rock, Mpape, Abuja is a relatively new tourist site gaining much traction and attention as a result of a set of pictures shared on Twitter at the beginning of August this year. These pictures has attracted a lot of engagement within a short period of time, mobilizing both young and old to visit the rocky cliffs. The site which is an abandoned granite-quarry occupies about 131,000m2 of massive, highly fractured igneous rock with a lake formed as a result of neglect. Mpape Crushed rock is a place to be for hikers, although the local emergency agency has warned amateur hikers against hiking there.

Overview of Crushed Rock, Mpape, Abuja

Based on facts collected, it is one of the nine quarries in Mpape, which implies that there are eight other quarries yet to be explored. The blue sky, green moss plants coverage, about 684 meters height and the 14 meters depth of the lake makes it an outstanding landscape to behold with ability to see several places in Abuja while standing tall on the cliffs. It was believed that the area around Mpape, which means “rock” in the local Gwari language, supplied most of the stones used in building Abuja from a small village to the country’s capital city in the 1980’s.

Mpape Crushed Rock

How To Get To Mpape Crushed Rock

Wanting to behold the beautiful scenery of Mpape Crushed Rock, the recent tourist attraction site in Abuja? That’s not a problem. You can easily locate the site using this Google map link.

Crush Rock

Things To Do At Mpape Crushed Rock, Abuja

Since this is currently the most trending tourism spot in Abuja recently discovered by some of Abuja explorers. Presently, there’s no form of recreational activity available, so, while coming, make sure you come along with your food, games, itinerary and an open mind to explore this beautiful tourist site. You can have a picnic or go on a hike as you enjoy the nature’s gift.

Crushed Rock Abuja

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