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Children’s Day Celebration 2021: 5 Best Places In Abuja To Celebrate With Your Kids

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Growing up as a kid, there are many memorable events that are very hard to forget but that of the children’s day is always the best. Every 27th of May as a Nigerian that I am has always been a day to dream about. The songs, the movies, the cruise, the foods and most especially the family-bonding activities cannot be over-emphasised. How I wish every day could be exactly as May 27.

Yes, Children are said to be gifts from God. It doesn’t matter their sex or physical state. In a bid to celebrate these youngsters, below is a list of the five best tourist attractions or places of interest to make this year’s children’s day worthwhile both for parents and children. Being the best does not mean they are the most beautiful places to be, but based on our evaluation, these places are the best to have that family-bonding experience which is what children love most when spending time with their parents.

1. Jabi Park

Located between Kado and the Jabi district of the capital city is the ever-fluxing Jabi Park. It is a place where a series of activities are carried out. From sightseeing to sports. The 3 major features that can do the magic are the Jabi boat Club, Jabi Lake Mall and the Jabi Lake itself. Jabi Park is an amazing destination to celebrate children’s day as you’ll also meet several people doing the same. There are lots of activities to partake in, like horse riding, boat riding, several sporting activities and lots more. Being a site for sightseeing and a calm environment to gist and play with your kids also makes this place an amazing destination. Want your child to have a blend of outdoor and indoor activities? That’s also an amazing option to celebrate Children’s day. I am very sure a visit to this amazing destination will be one thing your wards will really appreciate. To have a feel of how the place looks, you can watch the video below:

How much would this cost? Don’t worry about that, entry is free but boat riding, horse riding, kayaking, and other activities might cost you little bucks.

Don’t know the exact location? We got your back. Following this simple google map will make identifying the routes to this destination seamless: Jabi Park Google Map Location.

2. National Children’s Park and Zoo

Every child loves animals. The simple way to know that is to tell them stories about animals, and you will see them asking questions, smiling, some will even go to the extent of reminding you about the story sometimes. That is a sign that they easily connect with animals and love seeing them. The National Children’s Park and Zoo is another spectacular location to celebrate children’s day. How? In this beautiful destination, there is a massive collection of animals and a kiddies’ playground. This is a perfect location for these kids to learn more about lions, monkeys, Buffalo, tortoises and lots more. Do you want to have a feel of the place? Check out this video:

Curious about the gate fee? It’s a chicken feed, just #400 for adults and free for kids. It is advisable to go early as the place will definitely be filled up as always.

Don’t know how to navigate your way? Follow this google map to easily locate this beautiful destination and make the children’s day spectacular for your kids.

3. Almat Farms

Tucked in the suburbs of the capital city is this beautiful and charming destination. Almat Farms is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. Though with the inclusion of farms the goal of Almat Farms is agrotourism, making it one of its kind in Nigeria. So, what can kids enjoy here? I know that’ll be your present thought. Apart from the insightful agricultural tour, there is also a petting zoo for kids and a playground to satisfy their ravishing interest. Quiet and calm, a place where family bonding is 100%. Want to be sure of what to expect? No worries, check out our recent tour of the facility here.

How much does it cost to enjoy this awesomeness? With an investment of #2000 you are good to go. That’s actually the entry fee which gives you an automatic opportunity for the tour of the entire destination. You can hold some cash also if you intend to engage in any other activities though.

How to locate Alamat Farms: Locate Almat Farms easily using this google map.

4. MagicLand Amusement Park

Formerly called Wonderland Park. This is one of the major recreational parks in Abuja. Located beside the Abuja city gate. The place is always a beehive of activities as people come in to relax and use the various facilities in the park. Specifically built for Children’s enjoyment, this place is an amazing place to celebrate this year’s children’s day. This place can be referred to as Nigeria’s very own Disneyland though with humble infrastructures, but the rides are not bad where we have rollercoaster, bumper cars, happy worm, water splashes, super spin, flying tower, a pirate ship and many others.  Want to have a feel of the place? Check out this video.

How about the gate fee? The entry fee ranges from #300 to #600 and the same goes for participating in some activities on this beautiful site.

Location: You can easily locate this children’s spotlight using this google map for easier navigation.

5. Central Park, Abuja

This IS another beautiful destination to make the children’s day great for your wards. Paintball, Go-kart, Playground, Water parks and Ponds are a few of the facilities that make this destination one of the best places to visit in Abuja especially a place to enjoy moments with family and friends. Apart from the myriad of activities that can be carried out by kids, this place also boasts a beautiful and serene environment to wine and dine together. Indeed, a perfect location for family bonding. Want to have a feel of what to expect? You can check out this video here.

How about the fee? Don’t be scared their fees are pocket-friendly and usually free for kids but #500 for adults. Though you have to hold some cash for other activities to make your visit an interesting one.

Location: You can also locate this wonderful destination using this google map guide.

Feel free to make your choice as you have more than enough options to choose from. Also, you can consider taking your kids to any nearest Shoprite Outlets near you to celebrate them and make this year’s children’s day memorable for them. Don’t forget that the seed you plant in love, no matter how small they are, will grow into a mighty tree of refuge. We all want a future for ourselves, and we must now care enough to create, nurture and secure a great future for our children.

Happy Children’s day.

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