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Top 7 Tips That Will Make You visit To Almat Farms worthwhile

Abuja, a city of over 3 million is the capital city of Nigeria and attracts a high number of visitors yearly. Also known as, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja is strategically located in the centre of the country and is one of the best planned and laid out the city in Nigeria.

Are you visiting Abuja and would like to see the beautiful and serene locations and what to do while in the city? Here are seven things to see and do in Almat Farms, Abuja, so as to make your visit memorable.


A Treasure in Abuja

Almat Farms is a vast portion of green and beautiful vegetation that spans over 69.5 hectares of land. Located in the Kuje Area of Abuja, with high standards of crops cultivation. The farm has 31 greenhouses to produce fresh vegetables. However, unlike the typical Nigerian farm setting, the farm offers an array of delights, promoting hospitality and tourism.

Almat Farms is full of eye-catching views and there are many exciting activities to engage in while at the farm.


What To Do In Abuja?

Here is a list of the top seven things you can do in Abuja during your stay at Almat Farms.


Horse Riding: At Almat farms, interested guests can partake in horse riding, with over thirty foreign horses available.

horse riding
Almat Farms Polo Club


The Lubui Lounge: The Lubui lounge has a fully stocked bar, a beautiful lounge and kitchen services managed by experienced staff with years of international experience.


Lodging: The stunning huts on the farm provide a home away from home experience with aesthetically pleasing furnishing and decoration.


Sports: With the aforementioned horses, Almat farms pride itself of its polo team. There is also a volleyball court on the farm for volleyball lovers.


Playground: The kids are not left out; there is also a playground with swings, slides, trampolines and lots more.

Quad bikes: There are also Quad bikes for guests to take rides around the marvellous landscape of Almat farms.

Zoo: Finally the zoo on the farm has a collection of well-trained animals including Monkeys, Geese, Ostriches and others

To enjoy an escape from harsh realities in serenity and comfort visit Almat farms for these, much more fun, and exciting activities.

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