Among the top tourist attractions in Nigeria is the popular Ikogosi warm spring. Located in the pastoral town of Ikogosi- Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

The spring is one of the tourist attractions that held Nigeria’s tourism in its place because of the historical accounts behind the tourism attraction. The major reason behind the curiosity that drives tourists to this rural location in Nigeria, Ikogosi warm spring is the ever-flowing warm spring that is flowing side by side with another spring, a cold one.



The warm spring is said to be flowing at a temperature of about 70 degrees at its source and 37 degrees at the confluence with the cold spring, while the cold spring is said to be below 15 degrees at the confluence.

Ikogosi now has a resort built around it, with an outdoor built in so that the tourists can have a warm swim in the pool that its water is directly supplied from the Ikogosi warm spring.

Many people visit this place for its beauty, its therapeutic calming effect, and it is also believed to have healing powers.

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