• La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

It is so sad that most people go into marriage for the wrong reasons. People often get confused when it comes to choosing a life partner. Most of the terrible reasons to get married might seem obvious and a little absurd at times. But it is really difficult for a lot of people to take an objective look at their motivations. Sometimes, our real motives are hidden deep down in our hearts, and all we need is for someone to help us realize these motives.

In the past, divorce in Nigeria is hardly discussed in public. People are often ashamed to admit that a marriage is in trouble, people tend to shy away from divorce to the extent that people who got divorced were stigmatized. The idea of divorce was considered taboo and unfit for public disclosure. Divorce was hardly mentioned as people held family ties in high esteem. But in recent times reverse is the case as divorce is now one of the most common cases in local courts in Nigeria.

Even an Abuja based Lawyer declared recently on her Twitter page that 4000 divorce applications have been filed in Abuja in just 51 days into 2020. This data suggests that by the end of the year, the divorce rate might have risen to the “nth” degree. No doubt, the incidence of divorce has gone up exponentially, and it is quite alarming that some of these marriages are less than a year.

While divorce is seen as breaking free from one’s partner, it is obviously more than that, it leads to emotional and psychological stress, which can hinder the future of one’s children and by extension the future of a Nation. It is therefore very important to choose carefully and tread consciously while choosing a life partner.

Wait! What about some of us that have chosen our life partner already? How do we sustain the connection in order to avoid the impending danger of divorce? Yes, that’s the essence of writing this post. If you keep reading, you’ll discover some of the secrets of making that a reality.

It has been proven from different researches of local and international bodies that spending quality time together with your spouse could be the only tool needed in reinventing your “first love”. This helps to bring back the memories of that intoxicating stage of your love life. Especially when both of you just met and things seem 100% perfect.

Relationship experts will always advise this because this is a great strategy in nurturing your marriage to a point where it is able to sustain times that are hard. Definitely, the most important aspect of any relationship is making time for each other to do enjoyable and creative things together and making time for real discussion.

Spending quality time together also implies experiencing life in its raw form. Not necessarily for sex (but that’s a great idea too!) but through hand-holding, cuddling, caressing, and tickling. Studies have shown that this display of affection will boost your partner’s satisfaction, help to avoid future conflicts and you both feel like a teammate and not competitors.

But in this age of hustling and bustling to survive coupled with social media addiction. How would you manage these? Many of the signs that show the necessity of spending time together as a couple is quite obvious and if you really crave a happy and healthy relationship, you have to learn how to decode these signs and avoid them. Signs like:

  • When you’re always on your phones.
  • When you put work, hobbies, and friends above spending time alone with your partner.
  • When you don’t seem to be always together during important events.
  • When you fight more often and lack connection.
  • When you don’t work out plans together.
  • When you don’t venture out on dates.
  • When you don’t feel happy in your relationship.

If you’re going through any of these symptoms above, know definitely that you need to spend quality time together with your partner so as to reverse the effects.

So, how does one spend quality time with his/her partner wisely to bring back the connection needed? Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Have A Regular Date Night

Even if it is once in a month, most couples feel a greater sense of happiness and less stress once they are spending quality time together. Life shouldn’t be all about work, “all work and no date, make the connection a monotonous task”. So an evening to target connecting and enjoying each other helps strengthen a relationship. One of many important relationship tips is to incorporate a date night into your weekly routine.

  1. Plan a Seldom Weekend Getaway

There’s no greater feeling like traveling with the one you love. Romantic weekend getaways aren’t all about going on a shopping spree at the Dubai Mall or taking beautiful pictures before the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Nigeria is endued with plenty of captivating and romantic destinations that would have you ever elated. To learn more about how a vacation can help your relationship, you can read our guide here

Looking for a top-quality, fun-filled, and alone time travel destinations?

Apart from the amazing travel destinations near you that offer similar services, in no particular order, here is a list of five great destinations for romantic getaways in Nigeria, which can definitely leave your mouth open.

  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

Imagine your legs intertwined with that of your spouse on the endless white sands, your names etched inside a shape of affection on the sands, and the sound of the mild tidal movement of the ocean. Now can you stop imagining and make this a reality? Visiting the La Campagne Tropicana would turn your imaginations into a reality. This elegant and selection beach offers couples an ideal platform for an unending string of fun and pleasure. Located along Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos, this resort has asserted itself in the concept of the most effective exotic getaway destination in Nigeria. Among what fosters greater bond at this resort center are activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, and canoeing. Apart from the splendid exotic spectacle, couples can also visit the resort’s mini-spa to get your manicure and pedicure done.

• La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

Swimming pool at • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

  • Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State.

Many couples would jump at the chance of getting a romantic adventure on the moon but that’s really far-fetched for many folks. Alright, whether you can afford a visit to the moon or not, Zenababs Half Moon Resort is one-of-a-kind, an outsized expanse of Osun State’s colossal water bodies and dense forest. It’s a serene and calm environment. It also offers low-cost meals and budget rooms. This grandiose resort located in the central part of Ilesha exhibits a good-looking architectural piece, it could be a great hideout from the redneck and neighborhood. Couples can enjoy the assorted activities at Zenababs Half Moon Resort and luxuriate in an ideal view of the resort from their rooms.

Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State.

Accomodation at Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State.

  • Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State.

The popular Yankari National Park is a broad wildlife park located within the south-central part of Bauchi State. This can be the foremost developed animal reserve and park in Nigeria. It houses various natural and warm springs. The actual fact that it’s located in the West African savanna makes it a choice destination for tourists and holidaymakers to experience wildlife in its natural habitat. This park has largely been touted to possess the most important collection of animals, especially elephants, in Nigeria. It presently has 50 different species of animals, about 550 elephants, and 59 caves. Couples can take a swim within the crystal-clear water. The Yankari Games Reserve offers mainly Nigerian dishes, features a museum, a bar, and souvenir shops.

Antelopes at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State.

Elephants at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State.

  • Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

This secluded jungle and relaxation center located in Lagos offers a decent breathing space, as against the activity-laden and cramped mainland in Lagos. There are a plethora of interesting activities that await any couple visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre. It offers couples bonding moment with the board games like checkers and chess, which are played on an oversized mat. And yes, before I forget the monkeys. This conservation center has plenty of them, and not only can they eat many bananas, but their attractive cluster is also amazing. You must also see the gorgeous peacocks, tilapia ponds, treehouse,s, and crocodile lake. Take your romance to a different height by mounting the Skyway bridge and taking a passionate, lovey-dovey walk on the longest canopy walkway in Africa.

Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

Canopy Walkway at Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

  • Oguta Lake Motel and Golf Resort, Oguta, Imo State

This resort is incredibly popular for its standard 18-hole golf course and attention-catching Lake. Take your love deeper by going into the lake together. Visiting the Oguta lake just became better with this resort center, because it seamlessly offers facilities like cruise boat services, golf club,  bat house, and tastefully furnished rooms. This is one in all the simplest locations for spending an intimate time with your partner after an awful week. This Resort offers couples premium access to an avalanche of relaxing activities, which might leave you with an electrifying feeling and keep your body in fine condition. Lovers who visit Oguta Lake Motel and Golf Resort may recreate their love story in an extensive and posh recreational park located at the resort.



Oguta lake resort

3. Have an Extended Sex Session

Intimacy promotes the discharge of the oxytocin hormone which is chargeable for a myriad of great feelings.

In essence, the benefits of spending quality time together are endless. And it is still possible to build a healthy relationship once you set aside dedicated time to know your spouse the more, try new things together, make your spouse your workout buddy, and ultimately explore together for innovative ways to be more connected. Want to start acting on this piece you read about how to make this December a special one. These tips will definitely bring great benefits to your marriage!

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