Goodbye 2021

Are you relieved that the year is coming to an end?

If you’re reading this, you made through 2021 and that’s worth celebrating!

But what’s the fuss about the end of the year?

Well, the end of the year is usually flanked by two major events that we as a society have evolved to look forward to. Christmas and the New Year’s festivities. Of course as there are many people, there are many ways to celebrate.

Popularly in Nigeria, there’s “Detty December” which became a thing in the past few years where people prepare an itinerary of places and things to experience during the festive period.

For some people, this season is a symbolic spiritual seasons of endings and new beginnings that we experience as humans. For others, this period involves a lot of travel; long journeys, short journeys, countless Owambes and constant I Just Got Back (IJGB) sightings. Many family reunions and events are conveniently slated for this period. If family reunions are a mandatory December occurrence for you, this is your cue to send your particular cousins or relatives those routine check-ups messages you have to send once in a while to avoid awkward stories that touch. Whatever you end up doing in that period, it’s assumed that you will most likely be celebrating however you choose, with your loved ones or even alone.

We can all agree that it is a season that evokes a lot of memories for everyone, whether it is religious, restful or even celebratory, it is a time where we quickly wind down the years activities and brace ourselves for the New Year ahead.

So, how did you celebrate this season growing up? I bet the food was epic; you probably dressed in your finery because Christmas clothes are a Thing. You may have reconnected with family and friends you don’t see often or you finally got the opportunity to meet family members you had only heard about or didn’t know at all. Whatever the case, we all have fond or not so fond memories attached to this season.

How do you celebrate this season now? Have you been able to create new traditions in the festive season? Do you test out your culinary skills or do you not even celebrate at all? There are a lot of things that you can do in this period but beware of the coming year and the barrage of brings that come with it. First of all, it always feels like there are sixty days in January for a lot of people and a fresh school term begins for children and students in the New Year so most parents have to scramble around for school fees. For some people, there’s the almighty rent to be paid and in that time of the year, most landlords are not smiling. It’s always advisable not to overdo things while having fun.

This year, we at Experiencing Naija are taking your enjoyment very seriously. We’ve compiled a list of gifts to get the special people in your life and we will be keeping our eye out for the latest happenings this period especially for you. Please look through our previous posts about spaces and places in Nigeria that you can visit this season. We would love to hear your fondest memories of festive seasons past or even what you would like to accomplish in the New Year so please leave us your comments and remember to keep the conversation going on our social media platforms. We wish you a joyous and fulfilling Christmas celebration and an amazing New Year.

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