The Cave of Ashes, Isarun: Amazing Tourist Attraction That Tells The Story of Africa



Isarun is a small town in Ondo state, a few kilometres away from Akure, Ondo State. Isarun is located in Erigi community, under Ifedore Local Government Area. The people have made a living for themselves through farming, petty trading and large scale sales of farm produce. Some of them have developed a liking to politics and would bring it up at every opportunity they get. Life in Isarun with its people is a peaceful, serene one. Children are free to play outside, neighbours trusting one another and so many other things that make this little town one of the most peaceful places.


An International Attraction

The town has been an attraction since the cave of ashes (also known as “Iho Eleeru” was originally discovered in 1922 by a hunter, Chief Obele and he reported it to the then King.


Isarun Today

The present King is Oba Joseph Adebobola Awolehin; he leads the people in truth and humility. He is ready to welcome tourists at any time; he will answer every question and show you artefacts that were retrieved from the cave that he still possesses.

Isarun is a town to visit and revisit.

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