Experiencing Naija Guide

The Experiencing Naija Gift Guide

Tis the season to be jolly and generous!

Part of the ethos of Christmas and End of Year Festivities is gift giving. Think Santa Claus, St Nicholas and Father Christmas.

We all will like to receive a little something for Christmas.

Today’s we made a small list of things that you can gift a special person in your life. Gift possibilities are endless, so this list is by no means exhaustive. If you expected to see a house on Banana Island or Maitama or even a brand new Tesla, I am sorry to disappoint you. In fact, with such brilliant ideas you barely need any help getting gifts. But we are not judging. All gifts are welcome in the grand scheme of things.

Nothing is too big to gift a loved one and usually, it’s the thought that counts. Of course, heartfelt gifts will suffice at times like this. Trust me, boxers and singlet do not feature on this list although it’s not a bad add-on to your gift set contrary to the complaints from disgruntled recipients.

If you happen to stumble upon this list after an arduous office or friend group Secret Santa where you had no clue what to get the person you picked, I am very sorry. I can assure you that my list will still be good for the end of the coming year, so consider it as help in advance.

As with many things, a few caveats are crucial when giving gifts, quality over quantity is the watchword and please only gift what you can afford to give. It is important to cheerfully give with the gift recipients best interest at heart. A bitter and unappreciative gift recipient is a horrible experience to have although it happens a lot. In addition, we all wish that the gift recipient will reciprocate the gesture but please understand if they genuinely cannot give a gift considering all that they had been through in the past year. Kindly note if the gift recipient is not matching your energy both in attitude and quality gift exchange and be accordingly guided because like most things in life, there will be a next time. Whatever is the outcome, it is painful to receive subpar gifts and so don’t be the person who gives a subpar gift. Please, fighting is not encouraged no matter how much your feelings get hurt. Emphasis on jolly season.

Swiftly moving to our list…


No 10: Vacation/Staycation

Depending on your income, a vacation or staycation is a great gift that can even be beneficial to the gift giver depending on the relationship. A lot of travel happens at the end of the year so the options are limitless as to where a person can go. National or international or even a hotel or short let stay, this gift option needs no introduction and it is perfect for people who enjoy traveling or just want to take a break away from their regular environment. It can get expensive so it may not be an option for everyone but it’s a worthy contender on the list.

No 9: Electronic Gadgets

To the kid in us all, that never stopped loving new toys and gizmos; this is definitely the season for you! Usually, everything goes on sale this period and Nigeria is no exception. After a robust Black Friday sales period on various commercial platforms, a good majority of brands host end of the year sales featuring great deals that will help you clinch whatever device or contraption you heart desires. There are a wide range of gift options in this category  from phones, tablets, laptops and other tech gadgets to home appliances such as fridges and vacuum cleaners and other apparatuses that make our work easier and faster. A well-deserved spot on the List and a sure-fire gift item.

No 8: Accessories

Understated or statement piece jewelleries, shoes and bags, cookware, family heirlooms passed from generation to generation, the possibilities are endless! We all know a Nigerian vendor or personal shopper that stocks the goods and our Instagram feeds are awash with the latest deals. In this category as well is skincare, you can always gift a loved one their favourite brand of skincare. One of the most budget friendly contenders on this list, there’s no limit to what you can get for people nearest and dearest to you.

No 7: Clothes

We all had holiday periods where we received new clothes at the end of the year and if you kept the Christmas Clothes tradition alive till this point of your adulthood, we commend your laudable efforts. The fact of the matter is that clothes make a really great gift to people and it must not be brand new! Boutiques and thrift stores popularly known as okrika or bend-down-select, from whichever market close to you, offers choice selections. We all know where to get them. You can also buy Nigerian as many a fashion creative have taken their business online so good quality clothes are easily accessible. In addition, hand-me-downs to your family members are also acceptable gifts this season

No 6: Perfumes

Perfume is truly in a league of its own and the preferred gift option for quite a few people. Everybody likes perfumes so this particular item on the list needs no introduction. There are so many options on what to get people here, from perfume sprays to cologne; perfume oils to perfume solids, the options are endless. While the price points of perfumes vary in brand and quality, some people are more particular than others about their perfume so it wouldn’t be advisable to pick this gift option for those people if you can’t afford to invest in a great perfume. For the most part, this gift option is pretty easy to obtain and can be affordable depending on the time, vendor or quality.

No 5: Money:

Bills are the bane of adulthood and everybody appreciates attempts at offsetting them. You can opt to help out with subscriptions ranging from data and Netflix to gym and club membership, the choice is yours. We can all agree that the importance of any financial aid in these trying times cannot be over looked. This is your opportunity to help out friends and be charitable to those in need. It is also your opportunity to attain Rich Uncle and Rich Aunty status by giving away money to the kids in your life. Also, some people just straight up want the money not gifts and there is nothing wrong with that. Easier for all the parties involved, if you ask me.

No 4: Tickets & Experiences:

If you like experiencing Nigeria, it’s no news that our creative arts scene is the stuff of legends and few people work harder than Nigerian show organizers. Whatever you are into, art, comedy, music, parties etc. something is going on in a city near you that you can attend and have fun. For people who like to socialize and be out and about, this is the perfect opportunity to buy them ticket to see their favourite comic, movie or art show. Like other items on this list, this gift option can be brought to scale with a little creativity no matter the budget.

No 3: Books:

Now, hear me out. If the last time you read a book was over a year ago, please help yourself out and gift this one to yourself. The most underrated contender on this list, books are a great gift to give someone especially if they are always reading or they love to read. Nigerian authors stock a wide array of really great reads so this is your cue to get a few books if you have none yet and better still, give some to a friend. Tis the season! Don’t limit yourself to a particular genre because there are various options to choose from. Let’s face it, we all know a good bookshop in town or a guy at a street corner somewhere who stocks a wide array of books offered at a giveaway price. There is something for everyone.

No 2: Food: 

A box of chocolate, wine, dinner at their favourite restaurant, snacks from their favourite place or even hiring a private chef, you cannot go wrong with food and drink. Whether it be dinner or hampers, food is always a good idea. Personally, it’s a great idea considering the amount of time and effort that is spent on planning and preparation of food during festive periods. Any addition is always welcome. You can always pick up a nice bottle of wine or a hamper for your boss, banana bread from your co-worker’s favourite place, a platter for the small chops aficionado in your life, the list goes on and on.

No 1: Whatever The Person Is Passionate About

There’s a reason we choose this as number one. It is so tempting to get caught up in our idea of what to gift a person, if it is our desire to gift a person actual things that they can utilize we need to take into consideration that the person may want something entirely different from what we have in mind or is simply not interested in a particular gift option. If the gift recipient’s wants and needs aren’t in consideration, it helps to gift a person something that they can at least enjoy. Some people would just want any gift so this is not a big deal but it doesn’t hurt to be a little considerate of who you wish to gift this season. Gifts towards a person’s interest and endeavour will be more appreciated than gifts that they have no interest or need for. Still, some gift is better than no gift at all so don’t be deterred.

And there you have it, an acceptable holiday gift guide. Although times are hard, please try to extend your generosity to the less privileged around you this season. As always, we are curious to hear about your Nigerian Experiences. Did you receive gifts growing up? Do you still receive gifts from friends and loved ones? Please leave your gift experiences and suggestions in the comment section and keep the conversation going on our social media platforms. Have a wonderful festive season from all of us here at Experiencing Naija!

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10+ Beautiful and Unique Hairstyles for Nigerian Ladies


Hair is one of the most important parts of a human’s identity. For some women, it’s an identity that they are comfortable with, for others, it’s an identity that they are not comfortable with. If you are a woman who has ever felt that your hair is an issue, then you know what I’m talking about.

Nigerian ladies are very active when it comes to hair maintenance. This has led to several salons in the country. Hair is undoubtedly one of the things that make us attractive, but what happens when it is not well-cared for? We appear less attractive.

Nigerian ladies have a lot of hairstyles to choose from. But the question is which of these make them look stunning? We all love to see our besties look stunning and we also want them to look great when we take their pictures.

But sometimes we can’t predict the right hairstyle that makes us look our best. That is why this post is about the top stunning hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria. Below are some of our top picks:

1. Crochet


2. Senegalese twists

senegalese twists

3. Ghana weaving


4. Knotless Braids

5. Fulani

6. Triangle Braids

7. Cornrows


8. Goddess Braids


9. Weaves

10. Havana and Marley twists


11. Box Braids



12. Lemonade Braids



13. Dreadlocks



14. Pixie Braids




15. Natural Hair



We hope you enjoyed our top picks of the amazing hairstyles curated above. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your appearance and look stunning when going for a night out with friends or on a special date. So, what are you waiting for? Select your favourite hairstyle from the ones above and get ready to show off your stunning new look!

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safety tips for road trips

Of course, we know as Nigerians, we love to travel, be it outside or within the country. Sadly, these days, travelling by road, is no longer as supple as climbing into a vehicle and zooming off. You need to consider certain things, like security and the ideal places to go. There are challenges unique to travelling on Nigerian roads. Do you want to travel around Nigeria for tourism, celebrations and holidays, but you’re scared of the road hazards and other eventualities? Follow the steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Make adequate preparation for the road trip

Before you travel, it’s important to possess everything ready for the trip. Obviously, what you wish to require along in your road trip will rely on your personal needs, and maybe the length of the space you’re travelling.

Ordinarily, having food, snacks, beverages, and water is crucial for any road trip. Additionally, it’s always best to confirm the following:

  1. Service your vehicle for the road trip

If you intend to use a rented vehicle, get a reliable one, preferably, a full or small-size SUV.

If you propose to use your personal vehicle for your road trip in Nigeria, it should be properly serviced and in a very good condition that may withstand the challenges of Nigerian roads.

It’s helpful to own a car that may not breakdown within the middle of your travel. ensure you have got good tires, functioning wiper blades, properly serviced engine, and a decent set of breaks.

  1. Get a spare tire and other essentials

Even with the simplest of tires, it’s still important to have a spare tire, especially when undertaking a road trip in pothole littered roads as you will find in Nigeria.

In fact, because it is in most countries, it’s a road safety regulation in Nigeria that you simply have a good spare tire when travelling on any Nigerian road.

The other belongings you are required to own in your car while travelling in Nigeria include a functioning extinguisher, triangle cones for emergencies, and tending safety kit.

  1. Driving documents

You must have your driving documents when travelling in Nigerian roads. Your travelling documents include your valid driver’s license, vehicle ownership, likewise the vehicle registration. According to the Federal Road Safety Commission, visitors to Nigeria could also be ready to use their foreign driver’s license for a period of ninety days. Foreigners with valid international driver’s license are allowed to drive in Nigeria for a period of 1 year. You are, however, expected to use for a driver’s license if you would like to continue driving within the country beyond that point frame. Check out the FRSC website for more information on driving rules and requirements within the country.

Other belongings you might want to contemplate are:

  • You might want to travel with an individual, a companion, who would facilitate your reduced boredom and keep you awake and lively.
  • A good smartphone with music, movies and games is additionally good, within the case where there’s no companion.
  • Your phone as a communication tool is crucial for the journey, just in case of emergencies. You want to make sure that the charging port within the vehicle is functioning properly, so you do not run out of battery power.
  • Dress well. Humans are totally different from one another. Some can take the fresh air from the windows or the AC without repercussions, while others cannot stand an excessive amount of fresh air without falling sick. It’s essential you’re up to the task by making up for the journey with clothes that suit the weather condition.
  • In a seemingly cashless economy, which Nigeria is striving towards, it is advisable to own cash at hand. You may likewise come with your automated teller machine (ATM) card so that you can get some cash on your way when it’s needed.
  • The accommodation should be put in place to rest your head after the day’s fun.
  • Taking along an honest camera with powerful battery life, and long-range lens to capture pictures and videos is worthwhile since you’re going for sightseeing and can need plenty to indicate and remember. In fact, a good phone can double as a camera too.

While you’re on the journey proper, please take the time to check out for these:

  • Potholes and roadblocks are present in some spots on the roads, you need to look out in order for your tires to carry you through, and your car doesn’t somersault. This may be as a result of over-speeding into the heavy potholes or logs of wood placed on the roads by security agents doing spot checks or touts requesting money while pretending to mend the roads.
  • Also, be watchful of one-way drivers. One-way drivers are drivers who in their bid to flee the traffic on the road leave their lanes to face oncoming vehicles on the opposite lane. If a driver in Nigeria isn’t careful, he could also be involved in a collision which could lead on to death or severe injuries.
  • If you’re planning to help hitchhikers, be cautious of those you provide a lift. Some appear as if they need help to get to a specific destination, but once they enter your car; they put a gun to your head and force you to do their bidding. “Shine your eyes well” so as to not fall a victim.
  • You shouldn’t travel within the dark, or be extravagant in appearance because it’s an ideal way for robbers to identify and track you.
  • You also have to put a password on important things like your account details on your phone, or laptop, just in case it’s stolen by miscreants.

Few of the most attractive places you can visit in Nigeria are:

  1. Bogobiri, located in Ikoyi, which comes alive mainly at nights, especially on Thursdays and Fridays.
  2. The Freedom Park, downtown Lagos, where strategic monumental figures are.
  3. The Ikeja Shopping mall, a one-stop location for what you need.
  4. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lekki, which has well-furnished chalets where guests can lodge, with an edge of the Atlantic Ocean.
  5. The National Theatre, which has architectural grandeur.
  6. Gashaki-Gumpti National Park
  7. Oguta Lakes in Imo state
  8. Obudu cattle ranch in Cross river
  9. The Ancient Nok Settlement, Kaduna
  10. Millennium Park
  11. Ogbunike Caves, Enugu State
  12. Osun-Osogbo Grove
  13. Tinapa Free Zone & Resort
  14. Alok Ikom Monoliths, Cross River

P.S. Download our free travel planner to help you start planning for your next trip here. Do have a nice trip!

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Experiencing Naija Guie on Road Trips

It goes without saying: travel has so many benefits. One of the greatest rewards of travel is taking empowering steps in self-development. 

There is something beautiful and uniquely Nigerian about road trips. Call it what you like, be it-manifest destiny, wanderlust, the hunger for adventure. Few times on a road trip feels like a brand-new opportunity to explore Nigeria, like opening a book and pointing randomly to what you may experience that day and what you’ll experience in your life. There are numerous benefits of a road trip, including engaging with your country, with the landscape, in a different and more openhearted way.

While it’s tempting to look at the road as a metaphor for life, however, it’s more sort of a funhouse mirror. Road trips help me be the person I wish I were and help me to work out that I’m that person if I let myself.

This post provides some benefits of a road trip, including how I’ve seen these benefits directly play out on my own road trips.

  1. Road trips help you live in the moment.

I enjoy the scenery immediately around me lustfully without thinking about the scenery in the past or in the future, because I might never see this scenery again. Taking a road trip helps you to induce off the beaten path and see actual communities and natural wonders.  Meandering through the countryside could be a great way to relax and discover what it’s really like to measure in an exceedingly particular area. Farmers’ markets, local festivals, and state parks are yours to explore.

  1. Road trips help you maintain perspective.

When you have 700 miles to drive, there’s no point stressing about a couple of traffic jams. One more hour of driving then you have two more days to go, it is so obvious that it is not an enormous deal. If you see something interesting on the side of the road, you can stop and take a glance. This freedom and suppleness of traveling by car is perhaps the biggest perk of a road trip, and its value can’t be overstated.

  1. Road trips give you the opportunity to handle stressors with aplomb

Getting a flat tire, or getting stuck in serious traffic congestions are a few things that will normally “throw off’ my whole day, becomes a chance to slow down. In fact, it gives me the possibility to look at the sunrise, discuss with people I wouldn’t otherwise talk to, and obtain recommendations about things I wouldn’t otherwise realize. Road trips facilitate your wait with the people around you.

  1. Road trips help you connect with people with no expectations.

Knowing that I could never see someone again, but still wanting that moment of connection, allows for there to be no expectations or needs or fears of being defeated. There’s just an open-hearted point of contact and offering of self. Travelers share a love of adventure and exploration; that’s why once we travel, we tend to finish up finding and connecting with like-minded souls. What better way to feed your own travel bug and encourage leaps of faith than to be regaled with tales from free-spirited travelers who are on their own journey?

  1. Road trips give you time to think.

When it’s just you in an exceeding car for 6 hours a day, you get the possibility to think through some things in your life, with the extra good thing about the clarity that comes with distance.

  1. Road trips help you remember good things.

In my daily life, I generally forget to take pictures… which suggests I often don’t have physical (or digital) reminders of the great times I’ve had. When I’m on a trip, I take pictures of the things I discover and make a degree to recollect the experiences, reminders that I’m living the life I need to be living.

I experienced all of these benefits and more on my last big solo road trip to Benin City, Edo State. Let us know some benefits you’ve enjoyed from your past road trips in the comment section below. Enjoy your next trip!


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Travelling is awesome, and we should all go on vacation once in a while. Unfortunately, going on vacation is not as easy as it seems (especially in this corona pandemic “saga”). It requires a lot of planning and budgeting.
If you just need to get your family away from the whole hustle and bustle but don’t have the funds or the time to take a big family vacation, consider a staycation instead.

What Is Staycation?

Staycation is like a vacation where you stay at home or around your city. Staycations are favorable for many reasons. They are less cheap than travel vacations because you’re saving on transportation and hotel costs.  Plus, you have the convenience of your own bed, clothes, and comforts of your home. And you can spend more on activities and food since you’re saving.

Kids love any change in their routine that feels special, so instead of begrudging the fact that you can’t visit many tourist/vacation sites right now, use this time to make a lifelong family memory.

With a little planning and creativity, a staycation may be just what your family needs right now.  Family staycation is a wonderful idea as having time alone with your family is essential for a healthy relationship. As we’ve explained before in our previous post ‘essence of spending time together for couples’.


If you want to make your staycation feel like a true break from your everyday life, you’ll need to set a vacation budget.
The budget includes categories like:
 Groceries
 Eating out at restaurants (or ordering for food)
 Entertainment
 Supplies
 Gas
Think of all the activities that you planned to carry out and make sure you have everything you need to buy that’s in the budget so there are no surprises.

Just like on a regular vacation, you’ll have to clear your schedule so you can truly spend quality time with your family. In case you still need to work from home during your staycation, designate a time and place each day so that the rest of the family knows what to expect.
If possible, take a few days off from work, make sure you’re prepared. Use an out of office response on your email, contact relevant people to let them know you’ll not be available, and tie up any loose ends.
Give your house a thorough cleaning before the staycation so you’re not tempted to do any chores other than the essentials; like dishes, regular house cleaning (sweeping, mopping, etc.).

Vacation with kids runs more smoothly when there’s a plan. And the same applies to staycations.
Create an itinerary for the entire staycation. Have a schedule for each day. You can be as flexible as you want with the schedule, but it helps everyone know what to expect.

Get your kids to help you create a staycation bucket list. Make a colorful document, print it out, and hang it somewhere noticeable like the fridge. Kids love checking items off a list, and this will be a chance for everyone to give their opinion about what they would like to do on your family staycation.

When you travel as a family, you always feel more adventurous and more open to trying new things. Bring that same spirit of adventure to your home vacation. Say yes as often as you can. Laugh more, be patient, create memories, and take lots of pictures. If you want your kids to truly feel like this was a break from your everyday life, then your attitude will set the tone!

Staycation Ideas For Your Family

1. Cook a fancy meal together.
2. Have a movie night.
3. Backyard camping.
4. Exercise together.
5. Redecorate your home.
6. Have a family game night.
7. Eat out (restaurants) or order in.
8. Let the kids stay up past their bedtime.
9. Get dressed up and snap pictures together.
10. Take a road trip (be a tourist in your own town).

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Holistay in Nigeria? Staycation Tips To Making Your Christmas Worthwhile

Lakowe Lakes home 3

Are Holistays the New Vacations? Holistays mean any vacation that does not involve traveling overseas but exploring tourist attractions or a resort in your city/country. Holistays are such a great way to explore your city/country without the trouble of trying to save for an expensive trip out of town.

Holistays are becoming very popular as they are easy to plan, budget-friendly, create a new experience, and also make your regular day in your country different.
Holistays are also a great way to get away from everyday work hassles. It could also be a perfect opportunity to get away from home stress (spouse or kids).
Primarily, the most important part of Holistay is actually spending a few nights out of your own home. Exploring is secondary.
Are you wondering where you can find Holistays location in Nigeria? Here are some top picks for you…

1. Porto Golf Resort
Going to Kano? Porto Golf Resort is a spectacular luxurious hotel located in Kano. This is the ideal place to stay. From kayaking to horse riding, there’s a lot to do. It is definitely an oasis in the north and frankly even if you don’t take part in any activities on the property, staying in your room is good enough and you’ll feel absolutely refreshed coming out of your room.Porto-Golf-Resort-Kano

2. Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort
Previously known as Le Meridien Golf Resort, Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort is commonly referred to as the pride of Uyo, it is the largest Golf Resort in Nigeria. This magnificent Resort/Hotel connotes peace and serenity complemented by its original atmosphere. Even expatriates have been known to come far and wide to experience the unique hospitality they have to offer. You don’t have to leave the resort to go exploring, there’s a lot to unravel while you’re there.Le-Meridien-Ibom-Hotel-Golf

3. Casa Nomads
Casa Nomads is a sophisticated and exquisite furnished space designed to spark creativity in Lekki, Lagos. Standing out from the multiple air bnbs in Lagos, it is exclusively and tastefully decorated with sprinklings of artsy vibes. It has a fragment of Africa in it so you remember exactly where you are. Casa Nomads is the perfect getaway spot for you.Casa Nomads

4. Hi-Impact Planet
Sounds strange? It shouldn’t. Hi-Impact planet is a world-class amusement park with thrilling outdoor rides and exciting indoor games positioned for you to have a fun-filled experience. People go to Disneyland and stay over so don’t miss a minute of the magic. It is a great way to spend an holistay with the family.Hi impact

5. Abraka Turf
Abraka Turf is such a delight, located in the exoctic region of Delta State. This luxurious resort sits on over a hundred acres of lush green land, surrounded by the aura of refreshing gardens, horses, exoctic birds and a scenic walkway to the deep river of Ethiope. Did you know the river of Ethiope is Africa’s deepest in land waterway? This country club is the perfect spot to escape the excessive hassles of city life and enjoy spectacular nature beauty in a secluded and serene environment.

6. Lakowe Lakes
This Golf Resort is the perfect escape to exclusive lifestyle. Located in Ibeju Lekki environs. Lakowe Resort is a ravishing, luxury community with 308 arces of stuning lakes, lush palm groves, sports facilities, spa & hospitabilty resort, 1-2-bedroom lofts/cottages and an 18-hole championship golf course. All you need is to get there and enjoy everything the facilities have to offer.Lakowe Lakes home 3
And that’s it guys. The next time you’re thinking of where to go in Nigeria, try these places out!
Importantly what are your thoughts on holistays? Are there here to stay or just a trend?


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This Is The Only Way To Make This Christmas Memorable!

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

What do you love about Christmas? The “jingle bell, jingle bell” song or the opportunity it avails to retire for a brief period from work and enjoy the awesome relationships around you. All these are worth experiencing, but in order to take this refreshing moment to another level or to spice up the vibes of this detty December, this post is for you. Let’s start with where you intend to visit.
Wondering where to visit this Christmas? Whether you are a tourist or not, there are many awesome and cheap tourist destinations in Nigeria to go to, you’ll have it in a boatload in this post.
Nigeria has many natural landmarks, exotic beaches, lush mountains, well-preserved traditions, cultures, and captivating tourist attractions. All around the world, there are tourist attractions that people love to go to on a regular basis and Nigeria has a bunch of them.
Starting from the fascinating Agro-tourist site, Almat Farms in Abuja to the animal kingdom, Yankari Games Reserve in Bauchi State, there are lots of tourist attractions in Nigeria that tell a lot about Nigeria’s history and diverse culture. Some of these tourist attractions are destinations where nature is at its best and a trip to any of these destinations would only leave you with lasting memories. These popular attractions are located in various states in the country and they all culminate to make tourism in Nigeria special.

Some of the best tourist destinations that will make this Xmas a special one include:

Almat Farms
Almat farm is a corporate and leisure getaway destination that allows you time away from all the hassles of everyday grind to relax, sit back, and refresh. Almat farm is set in the beautiful countryside of Kuje, in Abuja. Almat farm has successfully reinvented a system of innovative farming in Nigeria with the aim of enhancing the agricultural value chain. Almat Farm sits on over 40 acres of beautiful landscape. What you’ll find on the farm is a beautiful view of delight with sports and activities like, polo, volleyball, football, tennis, hiking, snooker, picnics, camping, horse riding, quad bike riding are some of the many activities that will keep you engaged and refreshed. The farm has also reserved a private view for visitors to see their collection of the petting zoo. They have an exquisite restaurant with continental cuisines and assorted drinks in their bar. During sunset they have barbecues and tours around the farm getting their visitors acquainted with Almat Farms and the vision behind it. Almat Farms focusses on Agriculture, Hospitality, Equestrian, and Recreation – All packed together! Almat farms is not just a destination, it is an experience!Almat Farms, Abuja, Nigeria

Arinta Falls
Arinta… ‘’ever flowing, ever wet’’, the fixation of Ipole people. Arinta waterfalls is located in Ipole-lloro, Ekiti State, 6km northwest of Ikogosi. It is a popular tourist attraction that draws both locals and foreigners to the state. This resort is naturally endowed with natural thick forest vegetation, an interrupted flow of water from the rocky hills that forms a flowing pool of spring water, and an aerial view of Ipole –lloro. It has three pronounced escarpments.
The sheer slopes of the overawing ridge, view of a beautiful valley trapped between two bridges meet the eyes. This resort has seven different attractions of which one is called the wonderful stone. It is said that no one on earth has been able to lift the stone till date. It’s a great place for relaxation, swimming, and a picnic.


Arinta Waterfalls

Cross River National Park
This is one of the few places that people don’t know about. Cross River National Park is a national park of Nigeria, located in Boki LGA, Cross River State. Cross River National Park is an integral part of the Cross River State rainforest conservation area. The national park is an important biotic reserve that is among one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. It is also among one of the 25 United Nations acclaimed biodiversity hot spots in the world.
The park is home to many species of plants and animals which, include gorillas, chimpanzees, red foxes, drill monkeys, baboons, leopards, buffaloes, and elephants are also found there. It also houses a rich collection of flora and fauna.
This park is an ideal and beautiful place for you to disconnect from the stress of life.Cross river national park

Gurara Waterfalls
Gurara Waterfalls located in Gurara LGA of Niger State. A beauty locked out 3hrs away from FCT. Fishing, hiking, picnic, and sightseeing in a really calm environment. The fall is well managed, and there are different areas of the waterfalls. The observatory point, the sandy shore part where you can have picnics and barbecues, the swimming area where you can take dips, the rocky front at the waterfall base where you can sunbath, (if u want to). Absolutely a must-see!Gurara Waterfalls

Ibeno Beach
Ibeno beach is located in Ibeno, a local government area of Akwa Ibom State. The ‘Ibeno Beach’ was coined from its location, Ibeno. Ibeno beach is a mind-blowing beach that stretches over 45km from Ibeno to James Town along the Atlantic coastline of Akwa Ibom. It is said to be the longest sand beach in West Africa.
With its beautiful coastline, Ibeno beach provides endless natural facilities for tourism, water sports, beach soccer, and general boating.
The endless white sand dunes extending as far as the eyes can see along the Atlantic are unaltered by the waves that pour violently on the seashore.
The fascinating array of trees lined along the beach provides good shelter from the burning rays of the sun for visitors looking for shades after sunbathing or taking strolls around the place.
The beach provides a galore view of the Gulf of Guinea over which the scattered gas flickers from ExxonMobil offshore oil platforms creating an amusing image of flaming tongues of fire on the sea. It is a tourist attraction for families and fun lovers.Ibeno-Beach, Akwa Ibom

Mambilla Plateau
Located in Gembu, Sardauna LGA, Taraba. Mambilla is the highest plateau in Nigeria, it stands at a height of about 1524m above sea level. It is considered the coldest place in Nigeria and it has grown to become a tourist attraction. This landscape is free of insects and houses the Chappal Waddi Mountain, which stands at a height of 2419m and considered to be the highest point in Nigeria.
This landscape has a very fertile land. Hence, crops like banana, pineapple, plantain, yam, cassava, potatoes are produced in large quantity. The plateau has an abundance of grassy hills, tea plantations, and cattle ranches. Another feature of this plateau is its power station. The Mambilla power station, which is one of the major dam projects developed in Africa. The environment is so cool and tranquil that when you visit, you may be tempted to stay longer than you bargained.Mambilla-Plateau-Taraba-State-Nigeria (4)-min

Ngwo Pine Forest
Ngwo pine forest is a stunning gift of nature to the Ngwo community in Enugu state, the forest cave and waterfall are some of the major tourist sites in Enugu. The forest gained tourist recognition because of the beautiful display of pine trees and the awesome cover it provides makes it a perfect getaway destination. The forest hosts a massive limestone cave with small waterfalls that creates a shadow pool at the bed of the cave.Ngwo-Enugu-1080x480

Obudu Mountain Resort
Obudu Mountain Resort, formerly known as Obudu Cattle Ranch is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria. It has capitalized on providing guests with the best viewpoints and fresh stimulating mountain air. Its situated on the Obudu Plateau, a short walk gives you a grand view of the whole environment with fresh mountain air. This resort has grown to be a major destination choice for tourists.Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar

Port Harcourt Tourist Beach
The beach is one of Port Harcourt’s oldest attraction sites, along the Kolabi Creek line. This man-made beach serves as a place for relaxation. A place to experience the sweet feeling of watching the waves, the water that helps soothe the joints, the rising and falling of tides. There are so many reasons why you should visit the beach. One reason being its location which is on the edge of the city, such that visitors can take a walk through the hiking trails. The creators of the beach created a peaceful environment for tourists. A visit to the Tourist Beach will definitely avail you the opportunity to enjoy the white sands and waves.Port Harcourt Tourist Beach

Yankari Games Reserve
Yankari Games Reserve is a broad wildlife park located within the south-central part of Bauchi State. This is the foremost developed animal reserve and park in Nigeria. It houses various natural and warm springs. The actual fact that it’s located in the West African Savanna makes it a choice destination for tourists and holidaymakers to see wildlife in their natural habitat. This park has largely been touted to possess the most important collection of animals, especially elephants, in Nigeria.
It presently has 50 different species of animals, about 550 elephants, and 59 caves. Couples can take a swim within the crystal-clear water. The Yankari Games Reserve offers mainly Nigerian dishes, features a museum, a bar, and souvenir shops.
Ever been to any of these destinations? Share your experience with us in the comment section below.Zebra at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi




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Detty December: How to Have Lots of Fun on a Budget

Detty december

If you no catch fun this December, wetin you gain?

Detty December depicts a way to take a break from the hustling and bustling of work and to kick back in the Xmas and end of the year celebrations. It simply means to have more fun than you’ll do in the other months of the year. It’s the end of the year and no one will think you’re out of place if you intend to have a great time. Either by partying at night clubs, attending shows and concerts, visiting fun places in the country, trying things you won’t normally do from January to November, taking as much booze as you want, eating plenty of food. Since “body no be firewood, you no fit kill yourself”. But you need to be careful. It is very easy to get carried away by the fun but your account balance will suffer.

You want to have a detty December and don’t want to have a hungry January?

We have put together some ways you can have a ‘detty December’ without your bank account CRYING! Here’s how to have fun in December on a budget.

  1. Plan

A budget is telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went- Dave Ramsey.

If you want to have a detty December and a hunger-free January, you need to have a planned budget. Budget will help you to spend your money strictly without wondering where it all went. You should create a personal budget tailored to your plan. The budget should accommodate all your expenses for the month. From your outings to new outfits, tickets to cinemas, shows and many more.

  1. Save

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.

The only tactic to avoid going overboard with your spending is to save first before spending and attending these events. You should always set some money aside. This helps you to ensure that the money being used is far from your day to day spending.

  1. Decide how you want to have fun

You need to decide what you’re spending your money on because there are so many events happening in December. It might be possible for you to attend every one of them, but you necessarily don’t have to. All you need to do is select and pick the ones that suit you and check the pricelists. Do not hesitate to leave out some of your favorites if they are way too expensive and out of your budget. This way you save and ensure you don’t go overboard.

  1. Go out with friends

We can actually tell you that this is a clever move to save money in December. You’d be killing two birds with one stone by making this move. You get to go out with friends who are not aka gum (stingy) to a spot of your choice and you guys share bills (collabo). This way you won’t be broke in January.

  1. Organize house party

Organizing a house party is an alternative for stepping out if you don’t want to go out. This move will help you save money because you won’t be making payments for a venue, the only spending will be on food items and drinks. You can ask your guests to chip in their options of food, drinks, and snacks of their choice.

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How Spending Time Together For Married Couples Can Help Avoid Divorce

• La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

It is so sad that most people go into marriage for the wrong reasons. People often get confused when it comes to choosing a life partner. Most of the terrible reasons to get married might seem obvious and a little absurd at times. But it is really difficult for a lot of people to take an objective look at their motivations. Sometimes, our real motives are hidden deep down in our hearts, and all we need is for someone to help us realize these motives.

In the past, divorce in Nigeria is hardly discussed in public. People are often ashamed to admit that a marriage is in trouble, people tend to shy away from divorce to the extent that people who got divorced were stigmatized. The idea of divorce was considered taboo and unfit for public disclosure. Divorce was hardly mentioned as people held family ties in high esteem. But in recent times reverse is the case as divorce is now one of the most common cases in local courts in Nigeria.

Even an Abuja based Lawyer declared recently on her Twitter page that 4000 divorce applications have been filed in Abuja in just 51 days into 2020. This data suggests that by the end of the year, the divorce rate might have risen to the “nth” degree. No doubt, the incidence of divorce has gone up exponentially, and it is quite alarming that some of these marriages are less than a year.

While divorce is seen as breaking free from one’s partner, it is obviously more than that, it leads to emotional and psychological stress, which can hinder the future of one’s children and by extension the future of a Nation. It is therefore very important to choose carefully and tread consciously while choosing a life partner.

Wait! What about some of us that have chosen our life partner already? How do we sustain the connection in order to avoid the impending danger of divorce? Yes, that’s the essence of writing this post. If you keep reading, you’ll discover some of the secrets of making that a reality.

It has been proven from different researches of local and international bodies that spending quality time together with your spouse could be the only tool needed in reinventing your “first love”. This helps to bring back the memories of that intoxicating stage of your love life. Especially when both of you just met and things seem 100% perfect.

Relationship experts will always advise this because this is a great strategy in nurturing your marriage to a point where it is able to sustain times that are hard. Definitely, the most important aspect of any relationship is making time for each other to do enjoyable and creative things together and making time for real discussion.

Spending quality time together also implies experiencing life in its raw form. Not necessarily for sex (but that’s a great idea too!) but through hand-holding, cuddling, caressing, and tickling. Studies have shown that this display of affection will boost your partner’s satisfaction, help to avoid future conflicts and you both feel like a teammate and not competitors.

But in this age of hustling and bustling to survive coupled with social media addiction. How would you manage these? Many of the signs that show the necessity of spending time together as a couple is quite obvious and if you really crave a happy and healthy relationship, you have to learn how to decode these signs and avoid them. Signs like:

  • When you’re always on your phones.
  • When you put work, hobbies, and friends above spending time alone with your partner.
  • When you don’t seem to be always together during important events.
  • When you fight more often and lack connection.
  • When you don’t work out plans together.
  • When you don’t venture out on dates.
  • When you don’t feel happy in your relationship.

If you’re going through any of these symptoms above, know definitely that you need to spend quality time together with your partner so as to reverse the effects.

So, how does one spend quality time with his/her partner wisely to bring back the connection needed? Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Have A Regular Date Night

Even if it is once in a month, most couples feel a greater sense of happiness and less stress once they are spending quality time together. Life shouldn’t be all about work, “all work and no date, make the connection a monotonous task”. So an evening to target connecting and enjoying each other helps strengthen a relationship. One of many important relationship tips is to incorporate a date night into your weekly routine.

  1. Plan a Seldom Weekend Getaway

There’s no greater feeling like traveling with the one you love. Romantic weekend getaways aren’t all about going on a shopping spree at the Dubai Mall or taking beautiful pictures before the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Nigeria is endued with plenty of captivating and romantic destinations that would have you ever elated. To learn more about how a vacation can help your relationship, you can read our guide here

Looking for a top-quality, fun-filled, and alone time travel destinations?

Apart from the amazing travel destinations near you that offer similar services, in no particular order, here is a list of five great destinations for romantic getaways in Nigeria, which can definitely leave your mouth open.

  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

Imagine your legs intertwined with that of your spouse on the endless white sands, your names etched inside a shape of affection on the sands, and the sound of the mild tidal movement of the ocean. Now can you stop imagining and make this a reality? Visiting the La Campagne Tropicana would turn your imaginations into a reality. This elegant and selection beach offers couples an ideal platform for an unending string of fun and pleasure. Located along Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lagos, this resort has asserted itself in the concept of the most effective exotic getaway destination in Nigeria. Among what fosters greater bond at this resort center are activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, swimming, and canoeing. Apart from the splendid exotic spectacle, couples can also visit the resort’s mini-spa to get your manicure and pedicure done.

• La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

Swimming pool at • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Lekki, Lagos.

  • Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State.

Many couples would jump at the chance of getting a romantic adventure on the moon but that’s really far-fetched for many folks. Alright, whether you can afford a visit to the moon or not, Zenababs Half Moon Resort is one-of-a-kind, an outsized expanse of Osun State’s colossal water bodies and dense forest. It’s a serene and calm environment. It also offers low-cost meals and budget rooms. This grandiose resort located in the central part of Ilesha exhibits a good-looking architectural piece, it could be a great hideout from the redneck and neighborhood. Couples can enjoy the assorted activities at Zenababs Half Moon Resort and luxuriate in an ideal view of the resort from their rooms.

Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State.

Accomodation at Zenababs Half Moon Resort, Osun State.

  • Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State.

The popular Yankari National Park is a broad wildlife park located within the south-central part of Bauchi State. This can be the foremost developed animal reserve and park in Nigeria. It houses various natural and warm springs. The actual fact that it’s located in the West African savanna makes it a choice destination for tourists and holidaymakers to experience wildlife in its natural habitat. This park has largely been touted to possess the most important collection of animals, especially elephants, in Nigeria. It presently has 50 different species of animals, about 550 elephants, and 59 caves. Couples can take a swim within the crystal-clear water. The Yankari Games Reserve offers mainly Nigerian dishes, features a museum, a bar, and souvenir shops.

Antelopes at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State.

Elephants at Yankari Games Reserve, Bauchi State.

  • Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

This secluded jungle and relaxation center located in Lagos offers a decent breathing space, as against the activity-laden and cramped mainland in Lagos. There are a plethora of interesting activities that await any couple visiting the Lekki Conservation Centre. It offers couples bonding moment with the board games like checkers and chess, which are played on an oversized mat. And yes, before I forget the monkeys. This conservation center has plenty of them, and not only can they eat many bananas, but their attractive cluster is also amazing. You must also see the gorgeous peacocks, tilapia ponds, treehouse,s, and crocodile lake. Take your romance to a different height by mounting the Skyway bridge and taking a passionate, lovey-dovey walk on the longest canopy walkway in Africa.

Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

Canopy Walkway at Lekki Conservation Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

  • Oguta Lake Motel and Golf Resort, Oguta, Imo State

This resort is incredibly popular for its standard 18-hole golf course and attention-catching Lake. Take your love deeper by going into the lake together. Visiting the Oguta lake just became better with this resort center, because it seamlessly offers facilities like cruise boat services, golf club,  bat house, and tastefully furnished rooms. This is one in all the simplest locations for spending an intimate time with your partner after an awful week. This Resort offers couples premium access to an avalanche of relaxing activities, which might leave you with an electrifying feeling and keep your body in fine condition. Lovers who visit Oguta Lake Motel and Golf Resort may recreate their love story in an extensive and posh recreational park located at the resort.



Oguta lake resort

3. Have an Extended Sex Session

Intimacy promotes the discharge of the oxytocin hormone which is chargeable for a myriad of great feelings.

In essence, the benefits of spending quality time together are endless. And it is still possible to build a healthy relationship once you set aside dedicated time to know your spouse the more, try new things together, make your spouse your workout buddy, and ultimately explore together for innovative ways to be more connected. Want to start acting on this piece you read about how to make this December a special one. These tips will definitely bring great benefits to your marriage!

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Employee Vacation: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Employee Vacation

There are about 3 billion people working in the world. But only 40% say they are happy at work. That means almost 2 billion people are not happy at work.

So, what does that mean to those people and the companies they work for?

Workers everywhere want the same thing – and that boils down to – how they are treated by their leaders or employers.

While many smart companies have embraced PTO, some others are still contemplating whether to implement such or not. Some forward-thinking organizations have taken a step further by implementing mandatory employee vacation. The imposed minimum time off for their employees is to control burnout for the ultimate result of improving productivity, quality of work, and employee retention.

Oh! What is PTO? Definitely not “Please Turn Over”.

PTO means “Paid Time Off”. This is a standard employee benefit in many companies where employees are allowed to take off at least one week or five consecutive workdays for rejuvenation.

Are your employees part of the “not so happy” 2 billion people or among the 40% happy workers?

In case you don’t know which category to classify them, let me show you some of the advantages of the mandatory vacation policy as it could help to spur your decisions of adopting such a policy.

1. It rejuvenates employers

Job burnout or emotional exhaustion due to stress at work most times do lead to reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity at times. Research had it that workers who take regular breaks or time to relax are less likely to experience burnout, this makes them more creative and productive than their overworked colleagues. For workers who take vacations regularly, they are often more focused and productive upon returning from vacation. Mandatory vacation pushes employee out of the office to get engaged with other things, this allows them to put work stress aside and focus on their life outside the office.

2. Offers time for review

Mandatory vacation policy allows the company to evaluate its workforce especially different positions occupied by the employee on vacation. It reveals a lot about the position of the employee when the person is gone. Also, it reveals if an employee is handling too much or not or if there’s a need to get more hands for effective and optimum results. This time is also the best to know how essential an employee is to the company.

3. Encourages cross-training

Cross-training is a very useful tool for companies to deal with challenges and unforeseen emergencies. It gives the junior workers a chance to gain experience and handle new responsibilities. This necessitates knowledge transfer between team members and ultimately decrease the risk of losing a key employee in case he/she leaves unexpectedly. Although cross-training has been a concept adopted mostly for management positions, with the rate at which things are changing, it should be adopted by all categories and not restricted to management positions alone.

So, this is not the question of whether to adopt the mandatory vacation policy or not. I believe the next step should be how to inculcate this policy and make it a standard as it helps a lot in the growth of an organization and ultimately leads to optimum productivity. Feel free to contact us, as we take you through several experiences in Nigeria. Do follow us on our pages: FacebookInstagramTwitterand Youtube. We promise to give you the best and accurate information about Nigeria and Nigerians.

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